I just returned from my second trip to Tenerife, a beautiful member of the Canary Islands. Tenerife has bizarre volcanic landscapes, and some great views. A photographers paradise, but beware of one thing: thieves know this too. Tenerife is notorious for car break-ins, so never leave any valuables like photo bags in your car, even if there seems to be nobody around and you are only walking away for a short while. Last year I lost a lot of photo equipment this way, so this year we were super careful and fortunately nothing happened. But during my trip I received an e-mail of a lady whose husband had all his equipment stolen from the car, we saw a discarded ladies handbag on the road, and we found an old wallet with some credits cards discarded somewhere in the lava fields. All in a ten days trip…

Don’t let this deter you from going there, because it really is a great island, but do be careful when you go.

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