360 Degrees interior panorama photos


A 360 degrees panorama photo is a great way of showing the inside of a hotel or lodge room, but these photos suffer from the same high contrast problems as normal photos of interiors. If the interior is correctly exposed, the windows are completely washed out and do not show any detail. You might think that this is not a problem for a room with small windows that do not show very much anyway, but it kills the atmosphere. If the room has a great view, it’s even more important that you can see that as well. Johan can make 360 degrees interior panoramas that do not have these problems, because they are based on the same multiple exposure technique as his normal interior photos. Click below to view a panorama photo. You can rotate the image freely with your mouse or finger (on a tablet). After a short while the automatic rotation starts again. If your browser supports Adobe Flash, you will see a small full screen button in the upper right corner.

Castle room Bilimungwe bushcamp Chamilandu bushcamp hide
Chamilandu bushcamp main area Chindeni bushcamp Kapamba bushcamp
Kyenda bushcamp Mfuwe Lodge room Zungulia bushcamp main area

To see more of these 360 degrees images, have a look at the site of the Bushcampcompany.


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