Sunsets are some of the most favourite subjects in photography, but perhaps also some the most difficult subjects. It’s not more difficult to take a picture of a sunset than it is to take a picture of anything else, but it’s difficult to make such a picture stand out. A photo of a beautiful sunset is not automatically also a beautiful photo of a sunset! You need something more than just that low sun, and that something more decides the quality of the photo. In this photo I was helped by nature in a very special way: the ‘mist’ that makes the light rays visible is not really mist, but steam. A small river of boiling water, that originated in a hot spring a little further upstream, caused this steamy landscape. If you want to see the image a lot bigger, just click on this link to my ‘Steamy Sunset’ photo at ‘500px’.

sunset over a boiling hot river coming from a hot spring

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