Hotel and lodge photography

One of Johan’s other specialities is photographing lodges and hotels. African lodges often have a spectacular view, but using standard interior photography cannot show this fully. Either the room will be very dark, or the view will be washed out, because the contrast in such images is simply too high for any film or digital camera to capture. Using flash to lighten the inside of the room is a well known method to solve this problem, but the result is often disappointing because the flash light kills the atmosphere in the room. Johan uses a special technique that involves multiple exposures and high dynamic range blending to solve this problem, so that both the inside as well as the outside can be shown, without using flash. Follow this link to a gallery of examples. Please note: the images taken in South America were shot on film, so before these digital multi-exposure techniques became available. This technique can also be used to make spectacular interior panorama photos and 360 degrees rotating panoramas.

Mfuwe Lodge


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