I have now tested the Flexiroam alternative to buying a separate SIM card when travelling in another country. I used it on my iPhone 7 and all I can say is that I’m very pleased with this solution. It worked flawlessly, even in Zambia where the contract with the local provider was officially still in a beta phase. There is a small disadvantage, however. Because you switch SIM, your phone number is out of reach for people who try to call you. They can reach you via WhatsApp however, at your normal phone number. I don’t know how that works with a real dual-SIM phone. Because switching SIM is easy, you could use your own SIM during the day (turn off data roaming!) and only switch to Flexiroam when you need to go online.

Although Flexiroam does not say much about sharing your internet connection, that too works without any problems. Just turn on Personal Hotspot on your iPhone and you can use Flexiroam with your MacBook or iPad too. Another neat option: after you bought an amount of data, you can give some of it to another Flexiroam user. You just send it to them via the app. That is even more flexible than allowing that person to use your personal hotspot, because you can both use your connection at full speed that way. And the other person can be in another place. Of course, data roaming is now easy and cheap for EU citizens within the EU. You simply use your own provider and do not pay extra for roaming. But Flexiroam is highly recommended for non-EU citizens, and for EU citizens who travel outside of the EU.

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