If you travel a lot to different countries, you will be familiar with the hassle of getting an internet connection. Most countries have 3G or 4G networks nowadays, but it can be time consuming to get a data SIM card for each country, and roaming costs are usually too high to use your own home SIM (unless I remain in the EC). In some countries it takes quite a bit of time to get a local SIM card, because anonymous cards are not for sale, so you need to register.

Recently I discovered a novel idea for roaming, called ‘Flexiroam‘. Instead of buying a separate SIM, you buy a small chip that you attach to your own SIM. With the Flexiroam app you can now switch between this chip and your own SIM, as if your phone had dual SIM cards. Flexiroam offers different data packages, that work in more than 150 countries. You use the app to buy a package or update. I’ve only tried it briefly in this country so far, but it looks like it works just fine. Next month I’m going to properly test it in Zambia.

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