Adobe has issued an update of Lightroom, and also changed the names of the different Lightroom products – again. Apparently people weren’t confused enough already. The ‘CC’ is dropped from all names. Searching in Google is going to be even more complicated now, so well done Adobe! All Lightroom CC cloud oriented apps are now called ‘Lightroom’ and so the best way to remember this is as follows. If the name does not contain ‘Classic’, then you are dealing with a cloud oriented app, either for the desktop or for mobile. The version that is for local storage is now simply called ‘Lightroom Classic’.

The updates also introduces a new slider. In the Basic tab you’ll see the new Texture slider. Texture is a bit difficult to describe. It’s a kind of sharpening, but of the slightly courser details in your image. It really works well on landscape pictures, and can be used quite aggressively without introducing artefacts. A negative value (used in the Adjustment brush) works well for softening skin. Try it, you’ll like it.

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