If you own a lot of gear from a certain brand, you are normally not interested in offerings from other brands. It’s simply too expensive to change everything and start all over. When Sony introduced the A7R however, it gave me the opportunity to use two brands at the same time. I could use a Sony A7R camera with its massive 36 Mp sensor (Canon did not have the EOS-5DR yet), and simply use all my Canon lenses on that camera thanks to the Metabones adapters. Each time when I considered buying a new lens, I used the same logical reasoning: if I buy a lens for Canon EOS I can use it on all my cameras, but if I buy a Sony lens I can only use it on my A7R. So I only bought Canon lenses so far.

But now Sony has done it. They have convinced me to buy my first Sony lens, even if that means I can only use it on the A7R (and the A7 that I bought it the meantime as well). The Sony FE 12-24mm F4 G lens is not only about 1000 euro cheaper than the Canon 11-24mm, it also weighs about half. And optically it is really an excellent lens. Especially that weight difference made the difference. Well done, Sony!

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