The introduction of the Canon EOS-5D Mark IV has sparked a heated discussion in the forums at about the holy grail of dynamic range. The dynamic range of the new Canon camera improves a lot over the previous model, but there are still cameras out there that have an even higher dynamic range. Of course, art least according to the whiners at dpreview, that means that the EOS-5D Mk IV is a totally inadequate camera.

If you look at the winners of prestegious photo contests like World Press Photo or BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year, you see that a fair number of the winners use Canon camera. You know, those totally inadequate cameras with their lousy dynamic range. Apparently, these people are quite capable of taking winning pictures with these cameras…

So next time you again don’t win anything in a photo contest, ask yourself the following question. Is this really because of the camera you used, or could there perhaps be another reason?


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